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  1. A game demonstrating how type is kerned. Might be useful for demonstrations.
    08-10-2011 to ,
  2. If you work with one of the increasing number of sites that use Markdown as an HTML pidgin, this editor might be useful.
    02-10-2011 to , , , ,
  3. Zynga has open-sourced the code that helps animate its Facebook games—specifically, its tools for panning and zooming.
    02-10-2011 to , ,
  4. A wiki of software tools to do just about anything related to academia and the Web.
  5. A Yahoo! Pipes knockoff that seeks to be much more user-friendly. Tons of things you can do with various sorts of feeds.
  6. A good Web interface for quickly testing regular expressions.
  7. A development text editor in the form of a Web app.
  8. A Firefox extension that crawls and locally archives Websites. It has some very powerful features.
  9. Takes gnarly compressed JavaScript source and makes it human-readable again. Also available in the form of various browser extensions.
  10. For those who still use the command line on Mac, iTerm offers a much better UX than the built-in OS X terminal.
    01-10-2011 to , , ,

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